Lens-Artists Challenge – Light and Shadow

In photography, it is natural to focus on light as it brings focal points to an image. Then shadows appear where light cannot reach. They are dependant of each other, together they create magic. It’s capturing that balance, that moment in time, that I’ve found tricky sometimes.

Extreme darkness brings forward the few spots of light. The mood is elevated. First, inside the aqueduct in Lisbon, a narrow, dark and cool place. The light comes through small windows, showing how long this space is. Then, inside the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow, now a music venue. The spotlights create an exciting atmosphere.

Natural light and shadows can show more details about the environment that can’t be fully seen. The shadows and their nature tell us the rest of the story. The steps in the old district of Mouraria in Lisbon. The trees give important shelter from the blazing sun, the shapes of the leaves projected on to the pavement. Then, trees again create a pattern on this path at the Meiji-jingu Park in Tokyo. They also help showing the slight curve to the bridge’s surface.

Hard light and shadows can also play with the simplicity of the subjects. They’ve gain depth and presence, creating more drama. The focus is on specific details, like the tiles on this fountain at the Palácio Fronteira in Lisbon. Or the intricate carvings on this gate at the Higashi Hoganji in Kyoto. Both are beautiful in their own rights but the shadows enhanced that beauty.

Light and shadow are, without a doubt, one of my favourite pairs to photograph. Once their both present, things truly come to life. I invite you to visit Patti’s brilliant prompt and also to join us for this stimulating challenge. If you do, please link to Patti’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can find you. Next week is Ann-Christine’s turn to host, it should be very interesting indeed.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge


33 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Light and Shadow

  1. I love your images and your explanation of the interplay between light and shadow in different situations. Your images of Lisbon bring to mind our visit there….blue tiles, winding streets with light and shadow. Wonderful!

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  2. Beautiful photos that really emphasize the theme, Sofia. The black-and-white of the music venue is evocative, and I would love to walk in the shade of those trees up and down that staircase.

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  3. I love your selections, Sofia. Thank you so much for explaining the interacts of light and shadows. Your images have shown details, patterns, and magical moments through your lens.

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