Lens-Artists Challenge – Every Little Thing

After a difficult week of little things that just didn’t go well, I was pleased to have a prompt to focus on the good little things of life instead. It’s too easy sometimes to overlook them, and the power they have to change everything by making us smile is something we shouldn’t forget.

I feel a bit like a child sometimes, I still get excited to see new flowers growing or being surprised by a ladybug when checking for other pesky bugs on my roses. I felt so happy I ran to get my camera, hoping it would still be there when I returned.

I’m affraid of birds and yet, everytime I’m suprised by one (at a distance, at a good distance…) I always smile. My back garden has a few regulars, going for bugs and worms and I enjoy watching them, so busy and full of purpose. I managed to capture this robin in a bigger garden, where the trees gave a better coverage and it wasn’t bothered by my presence.

Yesterday was World Bee Day. There’s nothing I love more in a garden than seeing bees flying about. I used to be scared of them when I was little. Now I go about with my camera and although I may be surrounded by them, all I want to do is get a good shot. It’s amazing and frightening in equal parts how much we depend on this small creatures.

For the next photos, I recommend you have a closer look by opening the gallery. These are probably the smallest things I’ve ever captured and I could only see what really was going on when I uploaded them on the computer.

Last week we had John’s unique challenge on all things mechanical or industrial and it was interesting to see how it was interpreted by all that joined us. Amy’s asking us to focus on the little things, not necessarily small in size, but the things that really count and makes us smile. Have a look at her wonderful post and join us this week too. Please remember to link to Amy’s original post and tag Lens-Artists so we can easily find you.

Posted for Amy’s Lens-Artists Challenge

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Every Little Thing

  1. Such a beautiful little thing collection, Sue! I always happy to see ladybugs and other bugs too. The cute robin made me smile. Yes, we depend on bees! I absolutely love your closeup gallery. 🙂

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  2. Terrific post Sofia – go glad to hear the focus on little things turned your mood around! I know just what you mean. And you’re so right, there’s so much goodness around us, it’s nice to have a reason to focus on it!

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  3. Sorry things haven’t gone well this week, Sofia. We all get them, don’t we? I feel the same delight when I see a ladybird, but there are so many miracles of nature, aren’t there? We only have a small patio and roof terrace but I love watching my flowers grow. Hope for a better one for you.

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  4. I agree, it is fun to have the simple little things to brighten our day, and this theme made it deliberate. I loved all the photos…I love ladybugs, but the last photo with the bee(ish) on the purple flower was neat. The wings made it look like it dressed for the party! Hope you are having a better rest of your week. Donna

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