I’m following Jez and double dipping this week on Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge and Sandy’s Friendly Friday with a colour that is a bit strange for me: green. Green is one of those colours I don’t particularly like to wear but I love to photograph. One of the things I noticed straight away when I moved to Scotland was the quality of its greens, they’re fresh, rich, lovely and full of life.

This is also the perfect country for the aspiring gardener, as it doesn’t require much care – it rains almost constantly! This is my pride and joy, the rosemary I got 5 years ago. I love walking by and get some of that lovely smell in my hands. It also goes in my cooking and bees love it. Who would have thought I’d develop a green thumb?


10 thoughts on “Green

  1. I always think green is our reward for putting up with the rain! Rosemary is my favourite herb and yours looks super healthy. We lost ours to frost last winter and have yet to replace it 😦

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    1. I love that, no wonder my garden is doing well!
      I have no idea how my rosemary is as it is, my neighbour also had one and it died in spring. I don’t like cutting it too much so it’s ginormous πŸ™‚

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  2. As I said to Jez, it looks like we share similar climates (Scotland & Vancouver Island). Lots of rain to keep the landscape green! Rosemary has a lovely fragrance. I never mastered the art of cooking with rosemary, a little goes a long way, but I’ve always loved the smell.

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    1. You’re right, a few small sprigs of rosemary are enough for a subtle taste. I’ve discovered a drink in Portugal a few years back with cucumber, fresh ginger, lemons, mint and fresh rosemary. It’s blissful.

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