Lens-Artists Challenge – Doors/Doorways

Sylvia Bacon is our Guest Host this week and her challenge is one close to my heart. I’ve always had a thing for doors, going through some of the replies to Sylvia’s prompt shows that I’m not alone. There is also, as some of you will know, Thursday Doors hosted by Dan Antion, of which I am a regular contributor. How was I going to find yet more doors? I decided then to go deep into my archives and also to share with you some of my favourite Thursday Doors down the years.

One of my first digital photos of doors, when I was playing with the camera and with light and shadows. It was taken in Alentejo, a region in Portugal unspoiled by mass tourism.

The following photos were also taken a long time ago and also in the Southern parts of Portugal. The traditional architecture is very unique there, reflecting a longer Arab occupation in medieval times.

A door is a door, until it’s a lot more than just that. Yes, it still has a function, the same one everywhere in the world and yet… Doors and doorways can be so different, depending where you are. Firstly, Japan.

Then, Lisbon. Religious and palace doors. A promise of what could be inside, an invitation to look outside.

Finally, Glasgow. From tenement flats to posh villas. Doors are almost similar but the devil is in the detail.

It’s been an interesting journey from our local vistas to doors and doorways, both so full of interesting and inspiring posts. Thank you to Anne for broadening our horizons last week, and to Sylvia for Guest hosting this week. If you want to take part, please have a look at Sylvia’s post, link back to it and tag Lens-Artists so we can easily find you.

Next week, Tina will lead the way. Until then, take care.

Posted for Sylvia’s Lens-Artists Challenge

29 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Doors/Doorways

  1. I enjoyed the variety of how the doors look and they made me feel. I have never been to Portugal, but from what I have seen in this post and other photos before, it seems like a great place for door spotting and photographing.

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