Lens-Artists Challenge – Summer Vibes

Considering most of Europe is living a heatwave, Andre’s Lens-Artists Challenge couldn’t be more appropriate. Personally, the timing is also spot on as I returned from my first Algarve Summer holidays in years. It was a brilliant time, where I was keen on giving my son the kind of experiences and memories I have and take for granted.

You can click on the galleries for a better look.

First late afternoon on the beach, when the tide is low and the sun is about to set. It looks like a small slice of paradise and it could only be made better if the water was ever so slightly warmer…! The Algarve I knew was a lot closer to the one my Mother knew in the 60’s. Now a lot has changed, not for the better, but somehow there are still some things that will linger on and make it special.

There’s so much more people, constantly. The beaches are smaller too, the sea eating way the sand and the cliffs colapsing, crumbling away. A transforming landscape but with the same feeling, the same vibe.

I remember spending most of the day on the beach when growing up. Now that would be impossible, the heat and fierceness of the sun too much to handle. So, we changed our routines, with the afternoons left for nearby walks or just to relax in the garden. The nature around us is different from what we have in Scotland and it’s so beautiful. There’s even room for a bit of a surprise!

A postcard from the Algarve. The sunset setting and a typical chimney. These are the kind of things that define Summer to me, no matter how many years I am away.

Finally, Summer Vibes are also the bright sun and vivid colours. Back in Lisbon, in the late afternoon, it’s still so warm, it’s oppressive. This big expanse at the CCB in Lisbon never had shades of any sort. Now, these massive, colourful shades make the space a little bit more inviting. Another sign of the times.

Summer has been changing. We’re bracing for warmer and longer ones, even as far north as we are, in Scotland. Would the vibes change too, or will they stay the same? It’s hard to tell. Andre has set this challenge and I’m looking forward to see what Summer vibes are for you. Please visit his wonderful post and if you’re interested in joining in, tag your post with Lens-Artists and link back so we can easily find you.

A big thank you to Jez for hosting last week. The responses to his challenge were varied and inspirational. Next week, Tracy from Reflections of an Untidy Mind will take the lead. Until then, keep cool 🙂

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38 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Summer Vibes

  1. Yes, it’s getting hotter and hotter here in London. Manageable today but who knows what tomorrow will feel like?! I’ve rarely been in 40 degree heat, and never in ill-prepared London! Meanwhile your Algarve heat looks so much more inviting – an ocean to cool off in, a beautiful sunset with that iconic chimney – how lovely!

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    1. And it is rarely that warm in the Algarve, which makes it just perfect. I don’t envy you, it will be hard the next couple of days. Glasgow is avoiding it as usual, this morning it was even raining, but is now warming up too.

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  2. Beautiful post Sofia – and yes, the increasing level of heat and the movement of people based on Covid has really had major impact on our world. I wouldn’t want to be young these days. Hopefully those who come behind us will figure it out before it’s too late.

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    1. It pains me going back to Portugal and see it so dried out. It has been getting worse every year. I remember my first summers in Scotland being cold and miserable. Even here is warm and muggy…

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  3. This is such a great response to this challenge Sofia. Your images are beautiful. And the fact that you wanted to share something from your childhood with your son is wonderful. Unfortunately nothing stays the same. I’m sure he made memories of his own.

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  4. Seems like you and your son had a nice vacation. There was a time I couldn’t visit a seaside city where I spent many summer breaks with my grandparents when I was young too. When my family and I revisited years later, we were hit with nostalgia and it was still a beautiful place, but there was also a bittersweet feeling with how some things don’t change for the better, global warming included. Ramblings aside, the photos are wonderful. I like those flowers and the sunset.

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