Lens-Artists Challenge – My Photographic Groove

I’m going to be very predictable here. Anyone following my blog or coming across my posts will know what my photographic groove is: Macro. I love taking photos of pretty much anything as long something there as awaken something in me. Nature macros give me more of those feelings than anything else.

Please click on the galleries for a better look.

The love affair started right at the beginning, with my first clicks. Personally, I find it hard to take a bad photo of flowers; they are always beautiful to my eyes. My first Nikon had a telephoto lens kit: it meant my flowers were all taken from relatively far away and they were pretty, like the following photos of a dahlia and my ever-present bees.

For a long time, I was happy with that. Until I wasn’t. My new camera asked for a new macro lens, if I was going to fully explore its possibilities. It meant I got closer; all details revealed.

Once those details were found, I could start playing a bit more. Black and white works so well in some shots, when sometimes colour can be a bit of a distraction.

Bees still join in on the fun. We play hide-and-seek, patiently.

And when I get closer still, lost in the details of colour and petals, movement also sometimes caught, are they still photos of flowers or more like abstracts? My groove is Nature’s beauty captured in all its miniscule awesomeness.

Thank you to Sarah Wilkie at Travel with Me, for a incredibly challenging challenge last week. The effort of picking only three of favourites photos was an exercise I simply abandoned this week… as a challenge like Anne’s required a lot more examples to make me happy! Please have a look at Anne’s wonderful post and join us if you can. Remember to tag with Lens-Artists and also to link back so we can easily find your take on this challenge.

Patti will lead next week. Until then, take care.

Posted for Anne’s Lens-Artists Challenge

56 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – My Photographic Groove

  1. Beautiful post as always Sofia. I too loved the crocus image especially but all are marvelous. As one who doesn’t shoot macro you’re tempting me to give it a go. Or better yet I’ll just keep enjoying posts like yours!

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  2. Such a great collection. Macro tells a different story, doesn’t it? It’s enjoyable to be a nosy body to a busy bee. They are so fun to watch. I love the iris, and the photos with the been in them. Love your groove, every week. Donna

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      1. That IS interesting. Here is the desert being bumped is more important than you know. On hikes if you come across a hive or a swarm and are feeling “bumped”, it is their warning. The best things is to move along, swishing and swirling agitates them causing stings. I never knew this until we moved here. All critters have their way. Your bee was probably just saying hello.

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      2. Interesting! I was afraid they would hurt themselves, so focused on getting to the lavender they would bump into me. I kept on saying “be careful” and that was it… πŸ˜€

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