Lens-Artists Challenge – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles… and the Places They Take Us

When initially I saw John’s post, I thought I was in trouble. I usually don’t photograph means of transport unless they are in museums. John also mentions where transport might take us and that is where I’m going with this challenge, picking holidays when travelling, by train or car, between several locations was required.

Firstly, our biggest adventure: Japan. Instead of joining a tour, we planned everything by ourselves. I’m surprised how well it all went. No doubt Japan’s marvellous organisation helped. All travelling after arrival was done by train. The shinkansen is as extraordinary as we expected, and I even have a photo…! It allowed us to travel far and wide and see some of the most breath-taking places: Osaka, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Tokyo, the wonderful Mount Fuji.

You can click on the galleries for a better look.

The next one has a special place in my heart. The mini road trip to the Extremadura region in Spain with my parents, 4 years ago. The driving from the Algarve to Spain was divided between my father and myself. It’s close but under the extreme heat we faced, it was hard at points. Was it worth it? Absolutely. It was quality time we spent as a family, three generations making new memories. The sites we visited were great too: Seville, Córdoba and my favourite Granada. And no, we did not ride on the caléche…!

Finally, our first road trip after the Covid lockdowns. We visit sites in Scotland all the time but usually within driving distance from Glasgow. A small day trip and then back again. Last year we planned a visit to the Highlands, a section of the country unknown to us. An absolute dream, even with the incredibly narrow roads: Loch Shiel, Loch Linnhe, Glencoe and Camusdarach.

We’ve done a similar road trip this year, but to Aberdeenshire. And I also drove again. I know we should think outside using the car for such adventures. I would have a chance to properly enjoy the surroundings and it would be more environmentally friendly. Is the fact that trains and buses never really offer a working alternative, or is the absolutely eye watering prices, either way I never consider not taking the car. Something to think about.

This was a challenge that took me into precious memories, and I loved doing it. Thank you, John! If you want to join us this week, have a look at John’s ever interesting and informative post, not to mention awesome photos, link back and tag with Lens-Artists so we can easily find you.

Ann-Christine’s challenge last week was a visual treat as were all your responses. Simply wonderful.

Next week it’s my turn to host. I hope you can join me for another (hopefully) interesting challenge. Until then, take care.

Posted for John’s Lens-Artists Challenge


37 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles… and the Places They Take Us

  1. Terrific post Sofia; especially loved your images and self-designed tour of Japan. That was quite courageous of you;I’m very impressed! Your images are beautiful. And of course any travel is better when shared with family! When we visited Scotland we drove everywhere also. It was a real challenge since we drive on opposite sides of the road, further complicated by the stick shift car which we’d not driven in many years, but oh so much more fun ! Our favorite area was up in the highlands, where the roads are really narrow but it’s oh so remote and beautiful.

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    1. I love a bit of planning and since Japan tend to do it for pretty much any more complex journey 🙂 Even with all the years driving here, there’s still some roads that are a bit too much for me, especially when you see the locals driving like it’s a racing track…!


  2. These are wonderful memories with wonderful photos to go with them. Japan was the first foreign country that I ever visited and then, that I ever traveled on my own, and apart from all the beauty found there, I’m also impressed by their overall well-connected public transportation and high level of organization. So I’m happy whenever I see fellow travelers bring this up. I also love that hauntingly beautiful photo inside the shrine.

    The Highlands is my dream destination in Scotland. And it does look like an absolute dream in your photos. The road seems liberating!

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      1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I really hope that the pandemic will get better enough for me to feel confident about international travels again. In one or two years, hopefully. In the meantime, I’ll keep saving up money for Scotland and other countries in Europe, haha.

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  3. Wonderful memories and photos, Sofia. The Scottish Highlands look breathtakingly beautiful. Another must-see for me. Your Extremadura drive sounds really intriguing. I’ll look into that one, too. Thanks for your inspiration!

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  4. I love your posts, every time…and your photography is excellent. You know how much I’d love to visit Japan …but I also love your Highland images. I love Scotland and would love to go again and again. Road trips always was the way to travel with our children – and they love Scotland too.

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