PPAC – Glasgow

I always liked this mural, tucked away in a small lane not far from one of our busiest streets in Glasgow, but it was always tricky to photograph. Several times I had to leave it as it was partially covered with large bins from near by bars and restaurants. A few years ago, I finally managed, but there was already a big tag ruining it a bit. A couple weeks ago I walked past it again and it is gone, covered by some monstrosity. At least I have this photo.

Posted for Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge


14 thoughts on “PPAC – Glasgow

  1. One thing about murals is that they are often transient. I would imagine in a large city like Glasgow it would be hard to find a wall unoccupied. Sometimes the people are part of the interest, though I don’t know that you could say the same for trash cans unless they painted little pandas on them. Thanks for sharing, Sofia.

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