Lens-Artists Challenge – Messages

Donna’s first challenge as a team member is an absolute dream. I’d like to think there’s something always being said, in all possible ways. Our eyes, our silence, our creative work, all of it. My photography is my message, sometimes even to myself. For many years, no photos were taken, and I was silent. That desert was crossed, my messages are now expressed daily. Sometimes I think words are unnecessary, maybe today is such a day. For I’ll be sharing others’ messages and my own.

Messages from Nature

Artists’ Messages

Multiculture by Nark

Messages of inclusion and diversity

Messages of Love

A Message of Hope

Messages from individual people

And a Message from me

Donna’s challenge invite us to communicate. Thoughts, feelings, all sort of messages that are important to us, to our communities. I strongly recommend a visit to her site, marvel and then join us for this challenge. If you do, please link back to Donna’s original post and tag Lens-Artists. I cannot wait to see your replies.

Last week, Anne’s challenge gave us an insight to our approach to photography by focusing on one lens walks. Next week Patti is leading with Shadows & Reflections in Black and White, so make sure you visit her site. Until then, take care.

Posted for Donna’s Lens-Artists Challenge


38 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Messages

  1. I love the way you began you post Sofia. Your photography truly comes across as your message EVERY time, not just this week. You have a softness to your photography and I am certain you quietly move about your surrounding always curious about what is around the corner. I loved all your photos. The mural of inclusion and diversity is fun with a strong message, and the street art is curious. The hearts…. Thank you for your love and encouraging message to me as well. Fantastic.

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  2. I love the way you have approached this challenge, Sofia! But I expected nothing less from you. Always precise but calm and philosophical. I also love the message from you to us. Thank you!

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