Lens-Artists Challenge – The Road (most Often) Taken

It’s always been the million-dollar question to me. What is my favourite type or style of photography? In a sense I wish I could just focus on one; some people’s portfolios are so homogeneous in their appearance, no doubts to what their style is. I’ll just capture anything and everything, if it catches my eye.

When I saw John’s challenge my thoughts were, there is no road I’ve taken but just breeze, that carries me around, floating from here to there and back again. But there is only one genre that gets me out specifically with the camera and that is macro. And there we might have the answer, at least for now.

Visits to Botanic Gardens present some difficulties, like steamed up lenses but they also give more exotic plants to capture. Or, like this one, a more ordinary looking but still beautiful flower.

Visits to gardens are no longer just for the walk and the fresh air, they’re also about gardening ideas and photography opportunities. There are a few gardens I visit regularly, always with the intention of doing a yearly record of the seasons. Maybe this year that will finally happen.

The petals on this Cosmos flower look so soft.

I’ve noticed that after starting playing with the macro lens, it isn’t about capturing the flower per se anymore. It’s more about the shot now, so much so, sometimes it’s impossible to know the name of the plant I’m photographing. That is also part of the fun, the detective work afterwards. Or maybe, just maybe, I could starting taking note of the names while I’m there…

This is a very close up of a Geranium Little Robin, what a lovely name. Thanks google for the help with this one!

Some plants and flowers look almost otherworldy, and have a name to match, like this wonderful Peace Lily. The photo was taken at the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow and when I saw this flower I knew I had to have a got shot of it.

I’ve mentioned before my small backgarden. There’s a lot of experimenting going on there as most of the time I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I do have fun planting, nurturing and then getting my camera to capture the spoils of my hard work. It’s the most satisfying feeling to see things grow, especially if you don’t actually remember what you’ve done the previous Autumn. There will be tulips, I know that much and for now I can enjoy my lovely little crocus.

There’s so many of them, all purple, that I can play and be a bit more abstract with my shots.

John invites us on a metaphoric journey to where our photography feels more at home. Macros are perhaps were I find more a sense of awe when taking photos. Which one is yours? Pop to John’s site, with his wonderful landscapes from far and wide and join us. Remember to link to his original post and tag Lens-Artists.

Last week we had Peace with Tina. A great theme and responses that I found incredibly inspiring, a big Thank you to Tina and everyone that joined us. Next week it’s my turn to host, so I invite you to visit again and take part if you can. Until then, take care.

For more information on the Lens-Artists Challenge, click here.

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33 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – The Road (most Often) Taken

  1. I have always been interested in macro and marvel at photographers such as yourself who can make it so artistic instead of just focusing on the details 😀. Lovely pics!

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  2. Wonderful macros, Sofia. I like it when there are those little signs that describe the name of each of the plants. I often take a photo of the sign before I capture the flower so I don’t have as much detective work to do. Of course, not that many places give me that opportunity.

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  3. Yes. This was fantastic! I love that the breeze carries you around. Those words define you, your wanderings, and it is reflected in your blog. But yes, with macro you land with grace. The photos are so carefully composed. Interesting that you say it is not necessarily about the flower any more, and instead about the shot. That is growth isn’t it? I loved them all but the peace lily is cool.

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    1. Thank you, Donna. I was debating with myself if I really was going for macros. It’s like I feel there is more to photography than this for me. And there is. I couldn’t agree with your post more, I’m glad you wrote it.

      Liked by 1 person

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