Lens-Artists Challenge – Spring

When I moved to Scotland, I suffered for a few years of Winter Blues. What felt like constant darkness and perpetual winter took its toll so much so that even now I still have the feeling of surviving another one. Spring starts giving first signs of arriving by late February and by mid-March it’s evident, even through the rain, that things are changing, and life is everywhere. Spring is the returning of life, of new beginnings and, in my case, of hope.

We’re so far North that deep in Winter the sun barely moves from the horizon. There’s a glow to it now and even when there are still so many signs that this is all new, like the bareness of the trees or old redwood leaves on the ground, nothing can change the softness of that light, so promising.

There are other signs of life returning, slowly, shyly. Sometimes it feels pointless to visit gardens at this time of the year, they can feel so desolate, but surprises are there to be admired. Like this very early Pussy Willow buds (don’t they make a wonderful sight?)

Pointless or not, visiting gardens is still what I do. This year, I revisited the place where last Spring I took some of my favourite photos of crocus and cherry plum blossoms. The light was exquisite, the bees incredibly busy and I was happy. This time around, the flowers are smaller, the crocus nearly gone, and the daffodils are struggling to come out. There was snow, no bees and Winter seems to have returned.

In my little haven at the back of the house, early birds of Spring are crocus, grape hyacinth and this year anemones. I love the different shades of blue and purple they bring to an otherwise bland space.

They had to deal with the snow these last few weeks. Good photo opportunities and I’m sure they’ll survive it. Even if it all feels a bit strange, hope is still here, in the small splashes of colour.

This week I invite you to show us what Spring means to you. Is it about new beginnings, Nature reborn or a new chance to go and enjoy the outdoors? If you’re on the southern hemisphere, you can join by showing us the season you’re enjoying now or you can dip into your archives. I look forward seeing what you come up with, so remember to link back to this post and to tag Lens-Artists.

Last week John took us on a journey through most often travelled roads, where our photography is most comfortable. It was fascinating to see how different they are but that they all lead to the same destination. Our challenge is far more interesting because of it. Next week is Anne’s turn to host so please visit her beautiful site and join us if you can. Until then, take care.

For more information on the Lens-Artists Challenge, please click here.


166 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Spring

    1. How odd, I. J. but I’m glad you noticed and linked again. There was a comment about early flowers being blue and purple because they are a mixture for both cold and warm weather. Interesting, isn’t it?

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  1. You have some lovely photos here Sofia, enticing us with thoughts of spring. I’m skipping this week’s challenge however as spring is proving very elusive in London this March and what few photos I have I’m saving for my end of month round-up!

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  2. I always look forward to spring though this year it is proving a little harder to arrive. I haven’t had the severe cold weather, but for Cornwall it has been much colder than usual and also wet. Comparing my garden with previous years things are definitely behind. But there is always joy to be had in nature, we just have to look for it. I hope your spring arrives soon Sofia.
    Jude xx

    An English Spring


    1. Thank you, Jude! I think we’re all experiencing a slow spring. Strangely enough, after I’ve posted the challenge, things just changed and spring is definitely here… even my tulips are blooming 🙂

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      1. My species tulips are beginning to open, the rest are still slumbering. I don’t want them all to come at once, spread the pleasure! This time of year goes so fast compared with the winter months.


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