Lens-Artists Challenge – Still Life

If I was going to follow the traditional concept of Still Life then I would not enjoy this challenge particularly. I’ve tried before to set the scene for a “proper” still life to no avail. But, as Patti says, anything that is inanimate counts, and so with that wider interpretation, here we go.

I will start with the closest to a traditional still life. Wedding arrangements are great for this kind of shot. I’m grateful that other people had to set them up and all I had to do was see them and capture them.

The same can be said for other arrangements or scenes. I love visiting historical buildings, especially when they feel like time capsules. Bamburgh Castle is castle in Northumberland we visited a few years ago. The outside setting is perfect, near a wonderful stretch of fine sand beach. Inside, loads of interesting rooms to explore. The light was perfect in this one.

Again, it’s the common objects and the special light that attracted me here, at Hill of Tarvit Mansion. It’s a National Trust for Scotland property, an excellent example of “up-stairs” “down-stairs” Edwardian house but it felt incredibly cosy. 

Then, there are other completely different circumstances for surprising still live shots.

The following photo was taken on a tour to the most iconic dance hall and music venue in Glasgow, The Barrowland.  The building is from the 1960’s, and it was a joy to capture empty.

Or, when you’re walking down the street and someone has a delightful decoration in their house, with basil and a small buddha that looks so minimalistic but also so perfect.

Window and Buddha statue

To finish, two shots taken this year when we went for walks on the beach, here in Scotland. Looking under my feet, I was fascinated with the colours and the textures of not just the pebbles but all other kind of debris.

Thank you to Tina for last week’s challenge as she invited us to share environments, we either live in or visited and it was wonderful to see the variety of places from around the world. Next week is Ann-Christine’s turn to host so please visit her beautiful site.

For now, I’m looking forward to seeing your responses to Patti’s challenge, as I’m sure they will be equally varied and amazing. Patti’s post is both brilliant and inspirational, so I invite you to have a look and join us. Please remember to link to her original post and tag Lens-Artists so we can find you. Take care.

If you want more information on the Lens Artists Challenge, please click here.

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42 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Still Life

  1. Your interior shots are wonderful, Sofia! I love the globe, the view of the Buddah in the window, the nightclub and the mansion. They are all wonderful examples of “found” still life settings. I think you have a great eye to find and capture them.

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  2. I was thinking of adding the Buddha – the epitome of stillness, in my post but didn’t have the energy to look through my archives last night. And then I find him in your post 😀. Lovely selection of all the scenes Sofia..

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  3. Sofia, your images this week prove that photography is all about the light! Your images are wonderful but the way you’ve captured the light is magical. I especially loved the castle and the image that follows it.

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  4. Sofia, I always love your eye for photography. This week it was no different. I chuckled to think you might be lurking outside someones home to get the Buddha and Basil photo. I love walking at night for that reason. Fun to see others ideas. Anyway, the capture of the globe at Bamburgh, and the room at The Mansion created such a sense of calm for me. The lighting, did indeed, take what might seem to be just a room and make it art.

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  5. Lovely light and images moody and atmospheric. A post to return to. The globe is just wonderful in that room, and the blue lamp too. The dance hall gives me chills of delight – I was a dancer for many, many years, and so was my mother. Oh, the light. And I share with you the delight in looking at other people’s windows…

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    1. Thank you so much, Ann-Christine, for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. There’s something about windows (other people’s…) I find irresistable but hate when people look at mine…!


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