I’m a collector. I collect books from my work (I’m a bookseller), I collect Disney mini racers for my son and I collect images from where I’ve been. In no specific order.

This is not my first blog. I’ve had a few before. The first one I closed after a lot of time trying not to; I had it for years but hadn’t done much to it for years too. It represented a part of my life that was in the past, but I couldn’t blame my blog for it. Then I had another one I forgot about once I had my kid. And that was over 3 years ago.

What will be different this time? I’m older and strangely I don’t have a sense of urgency anymore. I would love to have some recognition but I know I’m not the best photographer out there. I do have my moments and I’ll share them with you.


Take care,

Sofia Alves