Thursday Doors

Portugal is a Catholic country. I was fortunate to have a very liberal upbringing and my parents always left faith, or the lack of, to my own choices and believes. For me, a visit to a church is about enjoying the art and architecture and, in the summer, to cool down. It was fascinating to see people’s faith in action but also a bit unsettling to witness someone’s dispair. To leave this church and into the brightness outside was something I will always remember.

Posted for Norms Thursday Doors Challenge

8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. Reading this brought me back to the times I would just go into St Patrick’s Cathedral near Rockefeller Center just for the quiet and coolness, and the dim lighting. I’m not Catholic, or of any particular faith. But I felt such peace there. It was interesting people watching in there.
    A nice post, nice shot.


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