Friendly Friday – Quiet Place

It’s September weekend here in Scotland which means schools are closed for a long weekend. I’m still working some of the days, my mind already troubled by how it will all pan out. My patience is running low now, I cannot understand why there are still people needing to be reminded to keep their masks on. Why can’t people think about staff safety too?

A quiet place is much needed and it will have to be the woods, where we can really get away from it all. There are plenty near us and that will be the plan for a day out. Not for the Autumn colours yet, for this kind of beauty we need to wait until November, but it will be, I’m sure, exactly what we need.

Posted for Amanda’s Friendly Friday

15 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Quiet Place

  1. Forests have lots of natural greenery, and clean air for us to breathe. It is little wonder that it has a calming effect on us and yet, I long to see the earthy shades of a Northern Autumn again so it is great to see your gorgeous photograph. The quietness in nature itself it the best antidote to stress. If only we could distil it somehow. Why are people not wearing masks, Sofia?

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    1. I really don’t know why. Even staff in other shops don’t have their masks on although it is the law. We confront customers politely about their masks being worn on the chin and people act like they forgot. It’s not forgetting is a choice they are trying to get away with. Very frustrating and equally silly, almost like they don’t see the point in having one.


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