Lens-Artists Challenge – Focus on the Subject

This is one of my first digital photos, back when a camera had less pixels than my phone. I remember being absolutely obsessed with light, and how it changed everything, manipulated my eyes into focusing on things I otherwise wouldn’t notice.

It’s funny how, instinctively, our eyes are telling us what is the subject we want in our photo. It was what made us stop, made us have a second look and ultimately made us press the shutter. Sometimes that subject is made more obvious after, when editing. Or it may need a bit of help, to really make a photo.

And then, there’s photos like this, that I can’t explain how much I really like. I know what I was going for, the amazing Rodin sculpture in its setting at the Paris Rodin Museum. I loved the building, the works, the light. And then someone got in my shot, just. I took another one, after waiting for the person to move because it was the shot I thought I wanted, but I’ve always prefered this one. Does it work or is it one of those you don’t know where to look?

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Focus on the Subject

  1. Hmmmm……a really interesting question on that last image Sofia. Truth be told, my eyes went directly to the statue but went I went back to it after reading your text I really like the partial person in the shot, it’s more creative than simply the empty room would have been. Some excellent examples this week – well done!

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  2. I agree with Tina. Great examples. My eyes were immediately drawn to the statue, and then I started to notice the patterns in the floor and the repeating columns, and the person on the left. I think it works because it’s clear that the subject is the statue. You have leading lines, patterns and repetition, and the light all working together here.

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  3. I must agree with the others – and I would not want the image to be without the half person – Ten years ago I would not have wanted him/her there, but we change over the years and with experience. This is a more interesting image.

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  4. Excellent. I like the light on the scrollwork in the first photo. Everything points up there. I photos like the last one, where there are lots of things to look at. The statue is the main focus, but look at the row of doors on the right, and the ‘photo intruder’ on the left!

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  5. Since you ask – I would crop the last photo on the left to lose the first wall and on the right to lose the first statue. I think it would bring the focus more on your uninvited guest. 🙂 I think it’s lovely that she is included. And I love the arch photo and the bird!


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