Thursday Doors – Sintra

One of the most recent additions to Sintra’s vast list of places to visit is this Chalet of the Countess of Edla. The first time we visited they were still restoring parts of it but it was already something pretty special. Sintra is like a fairytale place, full of inspiring sights. It was like a playground for the rich and the royal family. The Chalet was built by the king D. Fernando II to Elise Hensler, an opera singer, his partner after Queen Maria II died. It is like an alpine chalet, surrounded by woodland and with the most amazing wallpapper I think I have ever seen.

Posted for Dan’s Thursday Doors

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Sintra

  1. I love those doors. The upper portions opening like that is something I’ve never seen, but they are so well made. The wallpaper is stunning, but I would not want to be the guy that had to hang it. What a beautiful room. Thanks for adding the story about the building. I hope you get to go back when it’s completely open.

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