Friendly Friday Challenge – Purple

Purple is, for me, a dificult colour. For a very long time I had it in the same category as pink, meaning I didn’t like it, at all. As Sandy says in her post, purple is associated with power and nobility. Catholic bishops is what comes to my mind when I think of purple. My view on the colour changed slightly when at work we had a refit in my section and the new carpet was purple. All the sudden I was immersed in purple and my distaste was gone.

Many of you might not know but I’m a Children’s bookseller. That is my expertise, but reading Sandy’s post introduced me to Purple prose. At least to the term… I’ve read plenty of Purple Prose in my time and now I have a name for it. It is quite common to have aspiring writers working in Bookshops and I’ve had a few colleagues with the dream of making it. Some even managed to have their books published. And some were excellent examples of Purple Prose which left me with the conundrum. Can I be honest and say I couldn’t even finish the book as it was so bad…?

I have found a few good examples of purple in nature. There is something regal about it, perhaps due to its rarity. Now, I can’t think why I didn’t like purple in the first place.

Posted for Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge

6 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Purple

  1. I had exactly the same experience. My workplace did a complete revamp and to keep the employees ‘engaged’ with the process, the designers gave us a chance to vote on the color schemes. The final scheme was a purple/mustard yellow/grey combination which soundsawful but looked awesome. I not so brave as to ever consider it for my home, but I’m not so quick to judge now.

    Lovely photos Sophia. You’ve captured the rich colors of purple very well.

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    1. I didn’t really had a choice, as at that point it was the colour they picked for all the Children’s departments. It’s gone now 😀

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