Lens-Artists Challenge – Shapes and Designs

It’s funny how my response to this challenge has changed from first reading, to picking my photos and then having another look. Of all my initial selection, only one survived. Surely I could find better examples! I take quite a few photos thinking how they might inspire me later on, either because of their colours or shapes.

There’s a common ground in all of them, a geometry that comes from the natural world. It is interesting to think how world cultures were inspired by Nature and had such varied outcomes. But, I suppose, when you factor in different times and techniques that is what happens: Granada and the Islamic Art, Nikko’s Tosho-gu, the incredibly decorated shrine in Japan, and an example of Art Nouveau architecture in Lisbon.

Nature, itself. Simply showing how its done. It’s is impossible, at least for me, not to be inspired.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

33 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Shapes and Designs

  1. A beautiful post indeed Sofia. The peacock is amazing, especially in your header image. Was it a painting, wall art, or something else entirely? Your closing image is spectacular in its glorious simplicity. Kudos to mother nature as always!

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