Lens-Artists Challenge – Seeing Double

This week we have the pleasure to have Jez Braithwaite as Guest Host. If you follow Jez’s blog, Photos by Jez, you’ll know of his passion for photographing reflections. Naturally, our challenge is all about seeing double.

The good thing about reflections is they can play with our eyes and perceptions. They can show what we already know it’s there or they can tell a story beyond the shot. And that is what attracts me to a good reflection…

You can click on each gallery for a closer look.

Japan proved to be a rich source for beautiful reflections. The gardens we visited all had a small pond or lake, the design of every single aspect done in such a way the reflections were almost dreamlike.

And outside, on the streets, the architecture gave other reflections, equally interesting but so very different.

As the one above, the next photos show what is beyond the frame. These ones were taken in Portugal and they had to have boats in them…! I deliberately cropped the subject on the reflection, only wanting to have that part of the image visible once.

I always find chandeliers magical to photograph, the way the light plays with shadows, the way it reflects into all the colours.

Finally, a Seeing Double double. I’ve always love the photos I took at the Samurai House in Kanazawa. The garden there was the most exquisite small private garden I’ve ever seen. It was so perfect even the Koi were photogenic. They swam in pairs, in perfect alignment, under the barely there reflection of the roof above.

A big thanks to Aletta for hosting last week with the challenge Treasures. It was wonderful to take part and also the see all the posts it inspired. I’m looking forward to see the responses to Jez’s challenge, remember to link to his post and tag Lens-Artists if you’re joining us.

We continue in July with our talented Guest Hosts:

July 16, Andre of My Blog–Solaner is thinking about Summer Vibes.

July 23, Tracy, who posts at Reflections of an Untidy Mind, has chosen Surrealism.

July 30, Sarah Wilkie, who hosts Travel with Me, asks you to share Three Favorite Images.

The Lens-Artists team will be back in August with Anne Sandler.

Posted for Jez’s Lens-Artists Challenge

43 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Seeing Double

  1. Beautiful shots, Sofia 👏 Your shots from Japan are always amazing & capture the tranquillity of the gardens perfectly 😀 The winner for me is the colourful boat with the reflection of the castle next to it, brilliant crop 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some beautiful reflections this week Sofia – for me the gardens in Japan were the most eye-catching – maybe because I’ve never been there. I also love the koi. You’re right, they were especially photogenic!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Japanese gardens are really something else. The tranquility, the way the whole gardens are landscaped, the curves of the trees, and of course, the reflections as you mentioned. I think the bridges over the ponds make the reflections even more fun to photograph.

    Love those chandelier photos too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I just need to start saving. There’s always other things that get in the way. Also, I’m more tempted at the moment to visit new places. But, you’re right, one day I will 🙂


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