Thursday Doors – Aveiro

Door of the Art Nouveau Museum, Aveiro

As a lockdown activity, my Mother’s been sending me photos of Art Nouveau architecture and everyday items. We both share a love for this period of Art and although we haven’t been together for over a year now, this love and exchanging of Art Nouveau things we didn’t know has kept us going. So this Thursday Doors is also a door I’m sharing especially with my Mother.

I’ve taken this photo a while ago, when this building was closed. I’ve just discovered this is now the Art Nouveau Museum in Aveiro, Portugal. If you’re a fan of the style, there are quite a few examples scattered around, but this one is by far the most beautiful. Although this is not the best photo for this lovely door it was the possible one at the time. The gates where closed and I had to twist and turn the camera to get the shot, and even then a lot of lightroom editing was needed to get it like this.

Posted for Dan’s Thursday Doors

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